Put some GLOW in your step.

Introducing Zeeme Design by Leo Narducci™, the first-ever fashion outerwear featuring ReflecTec™, the fabric that brings out your inner glow.  Another way Narducci Design is helping to Make Yourself a Work of Art.  

Leo Narducci Head Shot 640 x 480

Meet the Team

The Narducci Design™ team brings 100+ years combined fashion design, merchandising and marketing experience to the market...


What We Do

Narducci is synonymous with Design. We create, design and bring fashion and lifestyle product to markets and companies...


In the Studio with Leo

When you meet Leo, you’ll fall in love. His relevance transcends generations, with a personal spark and light that burns ever bright...

Life's about the journey, not the destination, right?  We've been on a journey all our lives. Our paths have happily collided into our latest creation, the Narducci Design Studio.

We've traversed the globe for the last three decades in pursuit of fashion, style, and more than anything else - innovation.  We've found it in a look, a fabric, a texture, and the warm color of a late afternoon autumn in Provence.

Come along with us for the  journey...