Winter Pants 1971

"I think fashion is of the moment. Style is personal and, for me, far more important than fashion. Style is not just what they wear, but how they wear it. Fashion comes and goes, and a person’s style extracts from that.  

People who are too into fashion end up being too cartoony. People with style take from fashion and add it to their style. And they usually mix things up." 

- Leo Narducci

Developed Assortments

Narducci Design is currently producing five product assortments.  Categories include women's outerwear, knit sportswear, woven shirts and travel clothing using proprietary design and technology.

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Design Consultancy

In addition to our developed assortments, Narducci Design partners with companies needing external product design services.  Narducci Design's 50+ years experience designing product spans apparel, accessories, jewelry, and home wares.

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